Tree Removal

Our professional tree surgeons are equipped with high-quality plant machinery along with rigging and climbing kit so they are fully prepared for removing any species of trees, even the large and dangerous ones. With our expertise, you can rest assured that our tree removal work will be carried out in a safe and secure way. Along with removing trees, we provide clearance of trees and other vegetations based on our clients’ specifications.

Tree Work

We also provide high standard tree maintenance services for a wide variety of tree species.. We believe that you should preserve trees wherever it’s possible and we offer a range of tree maintenance services such as tree pruning, thinning and shaping for those trees which are unmanageable and interfere with your property. This will not affect the health and nature of the trees but will adjust its size and appearance.

Site removal

Huge trees that have fallen can cause disruption, so they often need to be removed as soon as possible. Our professional tree surgeons can be recruited with modern tools to provide site clearance services for removal of fallen trees. Also, our site clearance service includes removal of self-seeded overgrown vegetations and weeds in order to clear the area for productive use. Our site clearance methods are according to the specifications provided by our clients. You can also contact us for some friendly advice regarding site clearance in your area.

Over 15 Years Experience

Renato Boi Tree Services is a team of highly skilled and professional tree surgeons providing a wide-ranging tree management service to its valuable customers. We aim to provide services based on quality, professionalism and value for money to our both domestic and commercial clients. Our services mainly include tree removal, tree work and site clearance. Our tree surgeons can remove large and dangerous trees safely and efficiently. Our tree management services have gained a great reputation and most of our work comes from recommendations and repeat customers.


Renato Boi Tree Services has maintained an outstanding customer satisfaction record. At Renato Boi, we strive to provide the highest level of satisfaction to our valued clients and help them maintain their property in the best way. We take special care of our clients’ needs and design our tree management plans according to our client’s specifications. From tree removal to pruning, you can count on us for all your tree work. We take great pride in each work we do. Following are the testimonials from our customers: